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Lenten Devotionals Thursday March 30, 2023: Burdened By Stuff

Jesus said to his disciples, “Take nothing for the journey, no staff, nor bag, nor bread, nor money-not even an extra tunic.”  (Luke9:3)

When I travel, I don’t pack light.  I get a free checked bag with my rewards membership, so I take advantage of the space, packing everything I might need and then some.  On my last trip, I even packed my heated blanket, which I love to write under every morning.  Did I need the blanket?  No.  Did I love having my blanket with me?  Yes.

Things can bring us comfort and joy.  But there comes a point when our stuff burdens and restricts us from living the full and faithful life to which Christ calls.  Possessions can become idolatrous-our attachment to them greater than our attachment to God.  Our homes, luggage and lives can get so filled with stuff (hello hoarder!) that we become impriosone3d-trapped by the responsibility to care for our stuff, as opposed to caring for others or ourselves.

Marie Kondo, the Home Edit, tiny homes and the minimalist lifestyle are fascinating in their growing popularity.  We know the accumulation of more and more stuff isn’t good for us.  We know we can’t take it all with us.  Spend some time this Lent considering what you need and what you can let go.  Free yourself for the journey.

Examine:  Imagine yourself in a room filled with all your possessions.  Breathe.  Notice thoughts and feelings that arise.  Notice your body’s response.

Imagine:  Imagine yourself packing for a trip.  You are allowed only one small bag.  What will you put in the bag?  What are your essentials?  How does it feel to travel with such a light load?

Pray:  Free me from this burden, O God, so I can live with your blessing.