Sunday Service at 10am

3104 Doe Run Church Road East Fallowfield, PA 19320

Bill Dyke

The session would like to update Bill’s work with the Presbytery and Rev. Annalie Korengel as he prepares for ministry as a commissioned ruling elder pastor in our church. The academic course preparation is rigorous. It consists of the following courses already completed – Biblical Exegesis (Interpretation) ; Preaching the Bible; Teaching the Bible; Reformed Theology; Reformed Worship and Sacraments; Mission and Evangelism – and the following courses to be completed – Introduction to the Old Testament; Introduction to the New Testament; PCUSA Polity; Pastoral Care.

The field education has been paused until Bill has completed the New Testament and Polity classes.

Other Donegal requirements include steward/church leadership and administration, boundary training, training to officiate at weddings (optional after becoming CRE), and vocational/psychological assesment. The examination process requires the candidate to submit a statement of faith, an updated faith journey biography, and a sermon. He will then write an examination as administered by the Presbytery and submit updated clearances as needed. Once these written materials are approved, the CRE candidate will be invited to a meeting for examination with Donegal Presbytery COM.

Until that time Annalie and Bill will remain in frequent communications with Presbytery, and we will continue to be served by pulpit supply pastors and session moderator Rev. Annalie Korengel.

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